Connected House – smart house

A new trend have been increasing over the last 5 year, it is called connected house. Each day more people are turning his houses into smart houses. You could save energy and money. And also increase the security of your family.

Smart house is connect your house, but before of that we should talk about Internet Of Things, and this refers to the connection between daily devices and Internet. Also, What kind of daily devices? 

Just imagine your daily life, all the things that you use since you wake up and until you go to bed to sleep again: lights, coffee maker, fridge, Air Conditioner, Heater, Watch, TV, etc. Besides, you can use internet to find information about everything, so just visualise that internet is also to help you in your daily life, no matter what you would do.

Now, back to business, a connected  house refers to have interconnected all your technological devices between them and control them with just one principal device, generally is your smartphone is also known as Home Automation or Connected House.

So, as we said, wake up at the mornings and take your phone to request to your coffee maker to start making your favourite coffee is possible now, or request to your fridge to make some ice to prepare your favourite smoothie, and then request to your heater or air conditioner to turn on and establish a determinate temperature. 

Moreover, you can configure all this to star by itself at the same time every day. Just remember, technology is here to assist us, and a smart home is a perfect way to use it.

Featured Devices

We have found the best smart devices for you. For security, entertainment and make your life easier.