Battle of Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners – Shark vs Roomba Robot

Battle of Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners Shark and iRobot Roomba are two brands that lead the smart cleaning technology. From a robot vacuum cleaner to a robot mop, they have developed numerous mini assistants to manage your cleaning chores. That’s why people often compare Shark vs Roomba robot vacuums when they have to buy one for their homes.

If you’re done with your insurance home Gabi Personal Insurance  and now merely waiting to add a smart vacuum cleaner to your smart house, then we’ve got you compared. Below, we compare Shark vs Roomba to find the best robot vacuum.

Shark vs Roomba Robot – Similarities And Differences Battle of Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Features and SpecsShark Robot Vacuum CleanersRoomba Robot Vacuum Cleaners
Mobile appShark Clean appiRobot Home App
Barrier SensorsMagnetic tapeVirtual Wall Barrier (VWB)
Full Bin IndicatorNoYes
NavigationShark Smart sensorsiAdapt Navigation
FiltersHEPA filtersHigh-efficiency filters
Side Brushes21
Spot cleaningYesYes
Automatic RechargeYesYes
Run time60 minutes (average)75-90 minutes (average)


Design Battle of Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Battle of Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Although, both Shark and Roomba robots exhibit a mostly circular design. However, the Roomba S9 robot vacuum bears a distinct D-shape. With this shape, Roomba has addressed the limitation of a circular shape that doesn’t fit well to the edges.


If we compare Shark vs Roomba robot, we see that the two bear discrete navigation technologies. Shark robots usually rely on simple smart sensors. Whereas, Roomba boasts a patented iAdapt navigation technology that offers smart pattern cleaning. Moreover, some mid-range and high-end

  1. Roomba robots like 960
  2. i7
  3. S9, and S9+


Side Brushes


Battle of Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Roomba robots come with only one side-brush with multiple sub-brushes for enhanced sweeping. Whereas, the side-brush in Shark robots have only one branch that rotates while sweeping. But this effect is managed with the presence of an additional side-brush on the left side too.


shars iq r10 Roomba has covered the lagging of side-brush with a robust extractor to win over Shark. Roomba robots bear two rubber brush rollers that rotate in the opposite direction for better suction of dirt, dust, and debris. In the case of Shark, the robots have only one big roller. Though, this is much improved in high-end Shark robots like Shark IQ R101AE, featuring self-detangling.


Roomba robots usually feature a better runtime with better batteries as compared to Shark. However, since they offer more advanced features like Dirt Detect, their batteries may drain quickly upon hard work.

Bin Size and Maintenance

Both Shark and Roomba have taken care of providing sufficient bin sizes to their robot vacuum cleaner line-up. Usually, they bear a capacity of 500-800 ml.

However, the premium Shark IQ R101AE robot comes with a smaller bin size. But that’s because it boasts a self-cleaning feature, saving you from the hassle of emptying bins.

Though, the Roomba S9 also exhibits the same feature. However, comparing these Shark vs Roomba robot reveals that the difference lies in the clean base. While Shark IQ comes with a bagless base, Roomba requires the use of bags which may add to the maintenance cost.

Shark Robots – Quick Look

Shark robots boast a decent line-up of robot vacuums offering many useful features at an affordable cost.


  • Interactive mobile app
  • Easy to use
  • Self-cleaning bin in Shark IQ is bagless
  • Affordable


  • Not as feature-packed as Roomba

Roomba Robots – Quick Look

The iRobot Roomba robots boast top-notch features with multiple add-ons such as smart mapping, powerful suction, smooth navigation, adjustable head, and more.


  • Premium performance
  • Impressive design with high-end S9
  • Smart mapping technology
  • Patented Dirt Detect technology


  • Usually costly


While trying to find the best robot vacuum, our comparison of Shark vs Roomba robot ends in a draw. It’s because both the robot vacuum cleaners offer everything justifying their price tags. While Shark robots are affordable, they offer all basic cleaning features, ditching high-end technologies to cut the cost. Whereas, Roomba hasn’t compromised on the features, thereby adding to the budget. So, just as you carefully decide about a home insurance service Gabi Personal Insurance you should also think carefully before choosing a pricey robot vacuum cleaner. Though, as the end-user, it all depends on your choice and requirements to choose the right gadget.

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