Best Baby Monitor App iPhone And Android Free – Never Leave Your Baby Alone

Worried to leave your baby unattended? Here is a list of the best baby monitor app iPhone and android free to let you monitor your child at all times. While you can get yourself a baby stroller to keep your baby with you wherever you go, you need something to monitor your baby at home too. That’s where a baby monitor helps.

Here we have reviewed the apps for the best baby monitors for you. You will certainly find them integrating well with your smart house.

Top Baby Monitor App iPhone And Android Free

Baby Monitor & AlarmAtHome CameraNanitA+ Baby Monitor
WiFi3G, 4G
Live VideoNoNo
Activity Logging
Talk-to-baby option
Vibration alertNo
Phone alertNoNo


1. Baby Monitor & Alarm

Best Baby Monitor App iPhone And Android Free
If you’re concerned only with hearing your baby’s voice, or are satisfied with audio alerts, then this is for you. The Baby Monitor & Alarm app offers great compatibility with both Android and iOS. It notifies you when your baby wakes up. Also, it calls on your phone number when it detects any noise in your baby’s room.

While the full version of the app is paid, you can use the free version of the app that offers the same features. The only difference is that it only supports monitoring for 20 minutes and then shuts down. After that, you have to reset it.


  • No device interference
  • Play song to your baby
  • Records audio


  • No video support

2. AtHome Camera

Best Baby Monitor App iPhone And Android Free

The AtHome Camera app is an entirely free baby monitor app that integrates well with your smart house. This is a great app if you have addressed all home insurance Gabi Personal Insurance needs for your house, and are only looking for a surveillance device. It allows with any WiFi and lets you keep an eye on your home on the go. It means you never your baby or your pet alone.




  • Robust home surveillance
  • Live stream + recording
  • Encrypted cloud storage of recordings


  • Some users faced device compatibility issues

3. Nanit

Best Baby Monitor App iPhone And Android Free

Nanit app is another smart surveillance system that especially helps you keeping a track of your baby’s sleep patterns. From monitoring to adjusting sleep patterns, this app works wonders. Moreover, it delivers an inclusive bird’s eye view of your baby for thorough monitoring. Plus, the night vision feature also lets you watch your baby without lights.


  • Smart alerts
  • Night vision
  • HD live stream


  • Background alerts may be annoying


4. A+ Baby Monitor

Best Baby Monitor App iPhone And Android Free

The last on our list is the A+ Baby Monitor app. This app turns your phone into a smart nanny for taking care of your baby. It transmits all the sounds from your baby’s room to you, letting you hear whatever your baby does. Plus, it comes with a huge battery that supports 10 hours of runtime for ultimate monitoring.


  • Live audio transmission
  • Does not interfere with other apps
  • Long battery time


  • No video


Today, parenting isn’t difficult – thanks to the technology that has provided us with great parenting tools. Baby monitoring apps are one such helpful innovation. Perhaps, after going through our list, you can decide which baby monitor app iPhone and android free works best for you. If yes, then go ahead and download it to your phone.

without leaving your baby a second away from your eyes.

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