5 Best Lawn Mower Reviews (UPDATED 2020)

Best Lawn Mower

We have found the best lawn mower for you. After that, cleaning your garden won’t long be a headache. In addition, our purpose is to help save time in your daily routine. Let’s take a look. You can see more in The Best Saving Time Tips with a Smart House.

Since the invention of the lawnmower, it has become an essential tool for every home. In fact, the thought of cutting grass by hand hardly ever crosses our minds, thanks to this handy machine.

There are dozens of lawnmower models from different brands available for sale. This means that finding the best lawnmower from the hundreds of choices available can be a daunting task. We created this review to take the hassle out of finding the best lawnmower.

We look at the four best lawnmowers available according to our research. This buyer’s guide will help you pick the right lawnmower for your yard.

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The GreenWorks 25022 is the overall best push lawn mower in our review. Not only is this lawnmower lightweight, it is also efficient and affordable. This mower offers you 3-in-1 functionality, with mulching operation and a collection bag. Thanks to its electric motor, it runs nearly silent.

The 12-Amp motor of the GreenWorks 25022 push mower drives a 20-inch blade to ensure that you get fast cutting action. Due to its low weight you can push this mower along effortlessly while excellent maneuverability means that you can easily work your way through tight spaces and round tight corners in your yard.

This mower has a 20-inch cutting deck, providing impressive of cutting width. Made of durable steel, the cutting blades not only give your lawn a clean cut but can also resist contact with stones. The machine’s handle folds away to allow for compact storage while its large rear wheels can traverse uneven surfaces with ease.

What we like:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Great smaller yards
  • 3-in-1 operation.
  • Clean, even cutting results

The EGO Power+ is a battery-powered lawnmower that offers an incredible run time of up to 90 minutes when fully charged. In comparison, most battery-powered lawnmowers run for 60 minutes at most, so you get almost 50% more run time for your mowing session. For this reason, we consider the EGO Power+ as the best electric lawn mower on the market.

Because this mower is fully enclosed, you can safely operate it in almost all weather conditions, where it offers excellent results. Because the EGO Power+ has a fast-charging function, you can mow your lawn and then recharge it in just a few hours. It has a durable lithium-ion battery that should give you years of trouble-free operation.

Cutting your lawn to your desired length is a breeze as this machine has five height positions to choose from. This push mower’s battery-powered operation not only makes it one of the most environmentally-friendly choices but also makes it suitable for you if you have a large yard that you cannot span with an extension cord. Because of its nearly-silent operation, you can cut grass in your yard without disturbing your neighbors.

What we like:

  • Battery-powered
  • Fast charging
  • Maneuverability
  • Long run time per charge
  • High-power output
  • Clean cutting action

If you are a homeowner seeking the best lawnmower at a low price, then one of the best choices available is the Sun Joe MJ401E. With a 12-Amp motor, this is a machine that packs plenty of power in a compact design that is great for use in a small yard. It is an efficient and powerful machine and has a 100-meter extension that allows you to access all corners of your yard when cutting grass.

This lawnmower has a push-button starter which effortlessly fires the machine to life. Because of its small size, this mower is easy to store in a small space so as not to clutter your tool shed.

In addition to its fast cutting action, this push lawnmower’s large wheels offer easy maneuverability over all kinds of surfaces and its light weight means that you can move it around with just a light push. What’s more, it also comes with a large collection bag to make it easy to get rid of grass clippings.

To help you avoid damaging the roots of your grass, this mower has three height settings for you to choose from for mowing different kinds of grass.

This push mower is suitable for use with 14-gauge extension cable that can add more length to ease access to large yards while being compact enough for use in the yards of small homes and townhouses.

What we like:

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Fast cutting action.
  • Compact

Best Riding Lawn Mower - Husqvarna YTH18542 Riding Lawn Mower

When it comes to top-quality lawnmowers, Husqvarna is a company that manufactures some of the best mowers available today. The YTH18542 is an excellently engineered machine that we consider to be the best riding lawnmower.

It is a powerful workhorse that lets landscapers and gardeners to mow large estates and yards with ease. This mower’s setup and user experience has the familiar feel of driving a car while offering you plenty of outstanding features and accessories, making it a highly sought-after piece of kit.

Sporting an 18 horsepower Briggs and Stratton gas motor, this husky lawnmower model has plenty of power to tackle even the toughest grass. It also has pedal operation for its hydrostatic drive, offering a smooth ride that belies its massive power. To ensure quick startup, the hydrostatic transmission has an anti-choke function that lets the engine roar to life the first time you turn your key in the ignition.

The Husqvarna YTH18542 packs a massive 42-inch cutting blade, making it ideal for use on large fields or estates up to 2 acres. With this machine, you can be assured of long service life, due to its cast-iron axles, heavy-duty chassis and the 13-gauge steel that is used to construct the cutting deck.

Main features of the Husqvarna

This mower also features a rear differential which serves to increase power delivered to the wheels any time you encounter an incline in your lawn or rough terrain. Scalping can damage your grass or your lawnmower, therefor the Husqvarna YTH18542 has a pair of anti-scalp wheels.

For your comfort in operation, there is an ergonomically-designed and adjustable high-back seat. The rubberized comfort-grip steering wheel will help lessen fatigue during extended periods of mowing. For further convenience, the mower’s user-friendly controls are all located at arm’s length, which means that you do not need to adjust your seating position when reaching out for the controls.

The Husqvarna YTH18542 is undoubtedly a premium riding lawnmower that offers the most impressive performance of any riding lawnmower in its class. With regular seasonal maintenance, the construction quality and design of this mower will ensure that you get a lifetime of service from the machine.

What we like:

  • Rear diff offers traction on the most rugged terrain
  • Tough 42-inch cutting blade
  • Ergonomic seat
  • Easy-to-reach controls for user comfort
  • Powerful gas-powered motor


If you are a homeowner, then you have a good idea about the features that you require from a lawnmower. By picking the right machine to suit your needs, you can ease the hassle of mowing your lawn. If you are still uncertain what lawnmower to pick, the list above is a great starting point when making your decision.

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