Best Smart Door Locks and Doorbells. Reviews. August, Nest and so on.

Best Smart Door Locks and Doorbells

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We have found the best smart door locks and doorbells for you. In addition, our purpose is to make you feel safer and protect your family. And also, if your are worried for your security take a look to the The Best Home Security System. 

Technology has revolutionised our typical and normal way of doing our tasks, both complex and simple tasks. From shopping and interacting with others to ringing and locking the door. Now, there is no need to struggle with finding keys and going to open the door every single time it rings.

Well, that is when smart door locks and doorbells come in and save you from all the hassle. Let’s take a look at some of the best smart door locks and doorbells:

Smart Door locks

best smart door locks, it is august 3rd generationThis model of August Smart Lock boats a slinkier design and it costs lower than previous models as well. It fits over the interior side of deadbolt and it includes a thumb-turn lock to unlock and lock the door. 

It is made with reliable and high-quality materials. Moreover, it supports Z-Wave, Amazon Alexa, Bluetooth, HomeKit, and Wi-Fi out of the box.

In contrast with other lacks that need you to replace your previous lock, August Smart Lock is not like that. It installs over your standard lock on the interior and it means you can utilise traditional keys for unlocking the door as well.

Only 15 minutes are consumed in installing the smart lock when you have the right tools with you. Finally, you can mix with useful camera, so you can see more here in The Best Security Camera System

best smart door locks. it is yale lockIf you are fed up with using keys for opening doors, then this smart lock is for you. It is quite an attractive door lock and it supports touchscreen keypad that replaces your regular lock. 

It has four AA batteries which means that you don’t have to worry about replacing them for a year or so. It is a Wi-Fi door lock and syncs your password to your account. 

It allows you to set a specific time after which it will automatically lockIn addition to it, users of Google Home can con control it with their voice.

best smart door locks. it is yaleYale Assure SL is one of the most attractive smart locks. If you have a thing for design, you should definitely go with this sleek and easy to use lock. 

Locks are commonly bulky, utilitarian, and functional. However, this is not the case with Yale Azure SLWith its smooth and sleek onyx face, this lock is quite a stylish device. You will come to admire it in no time.

You can find this device in oil-rubbed bronze, polished brass, and brushed silver. In addition to it, it has a numeric pad. As soon as you touch the bottom left corner, it illuminates the keypad. It is visible regardless of time. If no one is touching the keypad then numbers will disappear on their own.

best smart door locks. it is Schlage Actually, Schlage has been around for a while now. However, with time, Schlage has become one of the best smart lock manufacturers

Schlage Encoded is not just an elegant door lock but a device that works effectively with Alexa, Amazon, and Cloud Cam by Amazon.

It features both a key and a keypad. Thus, you can choose whichever option you prefer more.


best smart door locks, it is a doorbellArlo Video Doorbell is one of the most advanced and reliable doorbells supporting a camera. What makes it unique and better than others is its quick response timing. 

For instance, you can capture videos up to the duration of 5 minutes. In addition to it, the camera has a resolution of 1536×1536 along with a 180-degree viewing angle. 

To make sure that you get a comprehensive view of what is really going on, the angle has a square format. Thus, whether you have a delivery or some racoons are visiting your house, you can see it all without any problem. It can be integrated easily Amazon Alexa.

best smart door locks. it is eufy doorbellThe Eufy Security Video Doorbell has a lot of features that you don’t get at such a cheap and affordable price. For instance, you get enough battery to store video for thirty days. 

Moreover, you get the ability of distinguishing between motion and other people such as swaying branches or birds. Although it does not have the same wide angle as Arlo, this ring doorbell creates clear recordings

For up to five minutes, you can create records and it stores up to 4 GBs of data in its memory. Eufy does not have a cloud platform, which means you don’t have to be concerned about added fees or bandwidth caps. 

However, it is important to note that if the camera is stolen, you will lose the video. Although Eufy does not work with an existing chime, it comes with a chime of its own. Thus, it is not that much of a problem. All these features serve to make it one of the best ring and video doorbells.

best smart door locks. it is google nest When it comes to the most advanced smart doorbells, there is no doubt that Nest Hello is one of them. In contrast with most smart camera doorbells, it stores and records video all the day at 1600×1200 pixels. 

The video you get is quite crisp but it is important to note that the resolution is lower than the previous two smart doorbells. For easy access, the cloud service of Google automatically tags all clips that include people or motion, through the use of facial-recognition for identifying and learning who is going and who is coming.

This comprehensive approach and advanced features come with a higher price. In addition to the initial cost, you will also have to pay $5 for days of continuous recording of video. With every passing day, it costs you an additional $1. 

Although Nest Hello is more advanced in terms of features, it is a higher-end product. Thus, if you are willing to ignore the price for all the features, this smart doorbell is for you.

Conclusion – How to Choose?

Overall, these were some of the best smart locks and doorbells. Now, it is up to you to choose what you really want. It is recommended that you analyse your needs first before you make your decision.

One of the most important things that you need to consider before you make a decision about purchasing either a smart lock or a smart doorbell is what you prefer and what you really want. 

For instance, you might want only a keypad in your lock so that you don’t have to worry about keeping the key with you all the time. In such a case, you should look out for some smart lock that features a keypad and it also provides you with the ability to store the password in case you forget it. 

In such a case, there is no need to purchase a lock that provides you with multiple features such as a camera to record the picture of person etc. The same applies to doorbells as well. Before purchasing a doorbell, you should consider what you really require from a smart doorbell.

For instance, if you just want the picture of person appear or not. These are some important points that you can consider to make a sound decision about what you want and what will suit your needs.

I hope it has been useful information. Thanks for take the time to read about it.

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