15 best Bluetooth speakers under 200

Listening music depends on individual preference at the time of taking bath, eating time or reading book one thing is common which is having Bluetooth speaker. picking of best Bluetooth speakers under 200 is a good choice for them to want to carry their Bluetooth speaker anywhere to take the advantage of their wireless system  with certain level of sound quality to meet your needs.

Bluetooth speaker is not only a music system even more than this when you carry your phone with you.It is not true always you should pay a good prize for  a high-end Bluetooth speaker.While more or less major tech company offers a thousand model with varied size up to individual choice which have great performance with aesthetic look.Some of them have waterproof, portability and compatibility which most of the smart which are more versatile option.

Sometimes a product’s budget can be a great fact for its customer when it is a Bluetooth speaker and getting them in balanced quality of performance and well-made in such reasonable price always make them happy with their purchase. In our rest of the article discuss their types buying guide and our top picked list which definitely help you find one from best Bluetooth speakers under 200.

We have found the most useful Bluetooth speakers for you. In addition, our aim is to bring you the clearest sound in the world. Lastly, if you want to know more entertainment devices you can see The Best Entertainment Devices here.

Types of Bluetooth Speakers:

Without connecting lots of cable  Bluetooth speaker is always for the music lover to enjoy any pleasant music track or radio program even some of this music system is equipped  with more advanced feature to offering better experience of listening your favorite music anywhere and time if you have portable one.Depending on your choice and need you can pick them from  multiple types of Bluetooth speaker while each of the designed with special purpose to fulfil of individual customer requirements.Lets driving into their types to get clear idea.

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

People who love to listen to music at the beach or poolside those are a fan of these types of Bluetooth speaker.As the name implies water can not damage this music system.Mostly this comes with water resistance layer with waterproof materials as uses can use them care freely even droning into the water.You can choose them in different price range as you can listen to music whether you want even during the monsoon night.

Sound bar Speaker

To make your flat TV room into a home theater feel sound bar speaker is unbeatable.When you are a movie lover and did not miss a single words even much clearly sounds this unit could be your reliable option for your small room or apartment.With several convenience featured and control this has a thousand size and model option with varied price.

Speaker with Mic Speaker

The fully wireless speaker design comes with a mic which can receive the phone call without picking the up the call as a hands-free process.Now you can listen to music anywhere even can talk when you are in  riding and cannot stop your car.Because of multiple layering of fabric it can protect waterproof and splash proof.So no matter you are hiking walking or  busy in works now you won’t miss any important calls.

Boombox Speaker

When you want to add a stylish and designer musical among Bluetooth speaker you should look them into Boombox Speaker which have better performance for their subwoofer which is resonated for delivering deep base to make the music more soulful and touchy for each audience. Because of their portable design you can carry them anywhere and anytime to make time blissful with music.

Party Speaker

In modern day getting time from work and responsibility means party and get together while except music you cannot enjoy anything.To create the party vibe this type of speaker is a great choice which have excellent and blasting music producing capacity is enough to make your party boring.Some model have automated lighting change capacity with top quality sound.

Wireless portable Bluetooth speakers makes their positioned beside our hearts, which we have describes in the types of Bluetooth speakers. You can choose them which capable to fulfil your requirement.

What Are the Best Bluetooth Speakers to Buy now?

Bluetooth speakers are some of the most versatile gadgets for a smart home. And also, the smart tv are increasingly rapidly over the 10 year period. Speakers not only do they play your favorite music, and also they can help you to control devices and provide virtual assistants, who are always ready to answer your questions.

The most popular voice assistants – Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri – are the mainstays of most smart homes. This is because of the range of things that they can do. Besides, they can tell you the news, provide weather updates, play music. Furthermore, they even provide hands-free control of devices. 

For example,  smart door locks or light bulbs. By rounding up the best bluetooth speakers for different user needs, budgets, and styles. Finally, the guide below gives you a look at the best smart speakers of 2021.

Our Top Picks

There is nothing better than a Bluetooth speaker to a music lover who can’t live without music.When you have a good Bluetooth speaker can be  yours a companion on your home r outside.To prove  the same people wrong that great Bluetooth speaker comes with only high price,  here is a glance of best Bluetooth speakers under 200 with surprising quality of output.

1. Best Bluetooth Speakers: Amazon Echo

Why we like it:

  • Beefier sound
  • Better voice command engine
  • Personalized voice profiles

Starting Bluetooth speakers life as a humble moonshot project by retail giant Amazon. The Echo is now in millions of homes. 

It offers an affordable entry point if you are looking to start a smart home. In addition, it has the audio capability to handle a variety of tasks. Such as, the playback of news, music or podcasts. 

Finally, they can  receive and execute voice commands via Alexa. The third-generation Amazon Echo has the familiar design used for the Echo Plus. However, it does not feature the temperature sensor and Zigbee home automation hub. 

As a result, a $149 speaker with bells and whistles that few users need becomes a louder. while, a fuller-sounding gadget that is more affordable at $99.99. By using the appearance of softer fabric instead of the more industrial look used on earlier models, the Echo looks more at home in a living room. 

Although the Amazon Echo is not yet ready to be your home Hi-Fi system. Therefore, the Echo Studio below is a better choice for that. Because it still gives you an excellent place to start you are looking to explore the smart home life.

2. Most Affordable wireless Speaker JBL Charge

What we like:

  • Wirelessly connect up to 2 smartphones
  • Long battery time
  • Be careful. it does not include a usb wall adapter.

JBL is one of the most popular bluetooth speakers. It has a good audio range,  and a pure sound. 

In addition, JBL cleaned up the sound of its big bluetooth speaker with the excellent JBL Xtreme 2, and also, it has now done the same for the charge range.

Looking at the JBL Charge 4, you wouldn’t be able to guess it. But this is one of the sweetest-sounding sub-Bluetooth speakers around.

3. Best Bluetooth Speakers: Amazon Echo Studio

What we like:

  • Big sound
  • Simple set up for home cinema
  • Alexa smarts

The average audio reproduction quality when compared to competing devices from Apple and Sonos. 

Moreover, with the Echo Studio, Amazon looks to change this perception and position. In addition, its speaker as one of the best smart speakers to buy in 2020. The Echo Studio boasts some ambitious audio features. 

For example, including Dolby Atmos and in-built support for 3D audio mixes. Although, the accuracy of 3D sound reproduction could be the subject of debate among purists and audiophiles, this still remains as one of the most powerful smart speakers you can buy for under $200.

When it comes to aesthetics, most users have become accustomed to Amazon’s standard Echo and Echo Plus smart speaker looking pretty much alike. Although the Echo Studio continues in the same vein, having a cylindrical body covered in fabric mesh. 

Furthermore, you will instantly notice that it is much larger than any previous Echo speaker. Because, it is a large unit with sound output to match is size. Your Echo Studio will pump out 330 watts of sound at peak power. 

Because of a pair of side-mounted two-inch midrange speakers, a single two-inch, upward-facing midrange speaker, a forward-facing tweeter and, 5-inch downward-facing woofer. Besides, the unit’s volume buttons are located along the top edge, alongside the mic mute and its Alexa wake button.

4. Best Smart Speakers – Sonos One (2nd Generation)

What we like:

  • Provides the best of both Sonos and Amazon Alexa
  • Rich and full-bodied sound
  • Still plays music if Alexa is muted.
  • Supports Google Assistant
  • Support for AirPlay 2

The Sonos is one of the most useful bluetooth speaker that is set to spark a revolution. Because it is the first device that does not force users to trade between sound quality and smart functionality. 

In addition, it is excellent on both counts. What’s more, in the near future, the Sonos will be the first smart speaker to allow its users to use all three main AI platforms. This will save you the hassle of trying to find where to buy Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri smart speakers, as it will work with all three.

Although the design of the Sonos One is inspired by the company’s highly successful Play:1 speaker: It features several major improvements. In addition, the top of the smart speaker has a sleek, touch-sensitive surface. Which is more visually appealing than the play/pause and volume buttons found on the Play:1. 

Although the physical buttons are useful if you want to skip through music tracks, they become redundant when you also have voice control as an option. On its current development track, the Sonos One could eventually become the perfect speaker for your smart home

Besides, being underpinned by hardware that is much more capable than most of its competitors. Moreover, it provides fantastic integration with the other multi-room devices in Sonos’ lineup.

5. Best Bluetooth Speakers: Bose Home Speaker 300

What we like:

  • Compact size
  • Excellent design
  • Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility
  • Well-balanced sound

Today, Bose is established as an essential player in the field of bluetooth speakers. The company’s latest model, known as the Bose Home Speaker, seeks to cement the company’s reputation for quality even further.

While 2019 was the year when the smart speaker really came into its own. Indeed, 2020 looks to be the year when portable smart speakers take off. 

Moreover,  the Bose Portable Home Speaker 300 as well as competing devices such as the Sonos Move giving users access to Alexa and Google Assistant on their Bluetooth speakers, this is set to be a fast-growing market. Every part of the Bose Home Speaker 300’s design simply oozes the sense of portability. 

From its compact build, lightweight, and carrying handle to its IPX4 water-resistance rating. Standing just 7.5 inches tall, this portable smart speaker is built from anodized aluminum finished in silver or black. 

The controls located at the top of the unit include power, play/pause, Bluetooth, and volume buttons, as well as a handy microphone mute button for times you do not want the speaker to eavesdropping on your conversations.

6. Aiwa Exos-9 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Key Feature:

  • Available 4 preset EQ
  • Have 50 ft Bluetooth operation radio
  • Included NFC pairing
  • Runs with  110-120V
  • Comes with 3.5 mm cable
  • 5 bands graphic EQ adjustability

When it comes to the topic of sound quality we are always trying to find a musical unit with subwoofer.While Aiwa Exos -9 potable Bluetooth speaker have subwoofer which capable to produce good sound.Pus you can pair the two pieces of them to make something rocking which can create rocking environment even in your neighbors place.

Another flexible featuring of this unit provides the first position of this piece in best Bluetooth speakers under 200 lists which is the adjustability of 5 brands graphic EQ as well as 4 preset EQs to offer the best mode of your device which you like most to listen to and which suit for your occasion. This setting can make a big difference when you are choosing a Bluetooth speaker. 

There’s even have 50 ft Bluetooth operation radio to allow good coverage from any corner of your room. Not only all these make this product-loving price even it have a quick swap 22v lithium-ion battery which allows you up to 8 hours playtime.

Why we picked it

  • Very easy to set up
  • Battery lasts 8 hours
  • Larger speaker
  • Deeper bass
  • Rechargeable
  • Simple yet stylish

7. AOMAIS Life Bluetooth Speaker

Key Feature:

  • 3.5 mm aux input
  • 50 feet Bluetooth range
  • Loud and clear sound
  • Superb build quality
  • 3 EQ settings
  • Build in rechargeable battery

You probably want to get rid of the common appearance of your new Bluetooth speaker which will fit your home nicely.And your second reviews  list will definitely be suggesting for you which bamboo imitation front baffle with rear trim and deluxe rewind fabric covering which is beautiful and great match for any home decoration and different style.

It has a surprising combination of two subwoofer,4 unique drivers, a powerful amplifier to give natural and warm music quality with the two tweeters which capable to make real party vibe in your place with 30W sound capacity.If you need more sound you can choose TWS pairing while two speakers get louder stereo sound through Bluetooth 5.0 version with 100 ft range.The exclusive Bass Up technology of this unit experience you new listening experiences.

The AOMAIS Life Bluetooth speaker comes with 5000 mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery with power cable once you charge the battery 3 hours you can play the unit for up to 12 hours non-stop. So enjoy your party time with this high-quality music system.

Why we picked it

  • Worth of price
  • Produce great sound
  • Perfect size 
  • Easy to carry
  • Waterproof
  • Easily match any decor

8. DOSS SoundBox XL Wireless Speakers

Key Feature:

  • Equipped with two passive radiators
  • Build in rechargeable battery
  • Deep base with two sound boxes
  • Classic color with timeless design
  • Provide chest hitting bass
  • Solid and powerful sound

All  you have more or less music listening  habit for relaxing yourself, in this case you need ear pleasing sound of your Bluetooth speaker rather than noisy one and feels your need Doss SoundBox  XL wireless is designed with dual drivers with 12W subwoofer and DSP technology blending which can produce 20W HD sound which is solid and crystal clear and non hurting for your eras.

With lots of input option such as Bluetooth which is wireless connection on the other hand AUX in and TH Card port as wired connection offers you liberal Bluetooth speaker without any device only copying music which you like most to a TF can enhance your music library.This can be paired with others one make more exclusive sound booming bass and passive radiators.

The speaker comes with easy operating control which incorporates 7 buttons for power button, mode switch, volume control, track control and play/ pause. Also, four indicator lights indicate Bluetooth mode, aux in, battery status, and TF cards. This offers up to 10 hours playing time with clear and crisp sound for anywhere home or outdoor.

Why we picked it

  • Included manual instruction
  • Charges quickly
  • Impressive volume
  • Very easy to control
  • Wide compatibility
  • Have subwoofer and DSP technology

9. Bose SoundLink Revolve Bluetooth Speaker

Key Feature:

  • Able to answer a call
  • Party like mode
  • Lightweight and compact 

A unique design of Bluetooth speaker have a seamless body made from aluminum which is durable and lightweight.This has water resistance (IPX4) component which can be great companion for your kitchen, pool side and more, because of their tapered cylindrical shape you can them outside while you are walking, hiking and more in your backpacks.

Built in speakerphone produce tons of convenience when you want to keep your hands free at the time of picking phone call in your driving, cooking or swimming with voice prompt talk through wireless Bluetooth paring.You can enforce the general sound of this music system to put in stereo mode.While AUX input  offer connection with other sound system.

Through Bose app you can access your device to control, unlock features’s and get available updates smartly while USB cable charging your unit through the Micro B USB port. The rechargeable battery can support up to 12 hours once you fully charge with the battery. This comes with two colors black and lux gray as you pick your favorite one. 

10. Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 – Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Key Feature:

  • Able to music streaming
  • Crafted from high quality aluminum 
  • Both for indoor and outdoor use
  • Full surround sound
  • Offers up to 8 hours battery life
  • Duel wireless sound

Round silhouette design give Harman Kardon Onyx Studio 6 wireless Bluetooth speaker a stylish look with attack anyone attention at a very first glance which constructed from high quality aluminum to structure and fabric finish.This has IPX7 waterproof material which protect your device from splash and rain as you can carry anywhere like poolside or kitchen sink with stylish and convenient handle.

This premium wireless Bluetooth speaker can stream music with simply connecting the smart device with this unit.Plus this has subwoofer and twitter can provide booming bass with clear pronounced sound even 50W.The rechargeable battery confirms up to 8 hours support to refill your party with break free high quality music.

Because of its compact and small size you can fit this any small space of your home or travelling.You can pick this for both indoor and outdoor while you need a good amount of sound which won’t being you bored  because this has well blanched sound even in outdoor gathering.So, keep your investment for Bluetooth speaker is safe with this one.

Why we picked it

  • Unique design
  • Premium fabric cover
  • Handle for easy carrying 
  • Heavy bass
  • Provide  pleasing sound 
  • Worth of price

11. Cambridge Soundworks Angle 3 OontZ Ultra

Key Feature:

  • Offers 7 color choice
  • Crystal clear stereo sound 
  • Richer bass
  • Allow 100 ft range
  • 2200 mAh rechargeable battery
  • 4.2 Bluetooth technology

Our next review product is  from Cambridge Soundworks Oontoz  Angle 3 in best Bluetooth speakers under 200 with  5 inches long, less than 10 ounce weight and 2.8 inch high with smooth three angles as you can carry them anywhere.Whether it is rain,sand dust and more this could be a great choice for pool, beach, car, golf cart and more with IPX5 waterproof contents.

There are wide connection including Bluetooth via and more, while auxiliary input makes some many possibilities with 0.13-inch audio cable.It required 2200 mAh  rechargeable batter which offer up to 12 hours playing time.To fulfil your needed of surround sound it has stereo sound and enhanced bass from two acoustic precision. Most interestingly, along with integrated microphone you can pick the phone calls except using of your hand

With internet radio or music streaming such as Pandora and Spotify which cam bring another vibe of your party or listening music experience through crystal clear mid and highs which is used for making surprising sound.The sound of the unit even in low sound have no distortion because of having the 10W AMP power amplifier.

Why we picked it

  • Simple and attractive design.
  • Water resistance
  • Stylish and portable
  • Plays up to 14 hours
  • No distortion
  • USB charging system

12. OontZ Angle 3 Pro Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Key Feature:

  • 100 ft wireless range
  • 3.5 mm audio cable
  • Larger custom neodymium drivers
  • IPX7 waterproof speaker
  • Playtime is up to 15 hours
  • 2x acoustic airspace

While we are talking about PRO edition it should be more updated in its performance which included in one frame larger custom neodymium drivers  to provide  better and powerful sound while and passive radiators with  double acoustic air gap is specially designed for deeper and richer bass.Again digital signal processor allow appropriate music reproduction in medium volume with no distortion.

Surprisingly this model has submerged capacity up to 30 minutes in 3,4 water.This offers you 100 ft wireless connection trough advanced antenna and Bluetooth 5.0 which also ensure stubble connection with faster transformation.With build in microphone can talk Siri on your iPhone.Onntz app helps to control the unit smartly with battery support up to 25 hours playtime.

Left-right  stereo separation allow more fun and this is the main twist of Oontz Angle 3 pro waterproof Bluetooth speaker from Cambridge Soundworks which have two speaker option those are wirelessly connected from different area with 100 ft coverage range.On the other hand wired connection required 3.5 mm audio cable with your device and Aux input.

Why we picked it

  • Comes with two speakers
  • Deeper and louder bass
  • High quality music without distortion
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connection
  • Can be  controlled with app
  • USB power port

13. Denon Home 150 Wireless Speaker

Key Feature:

  • USB supported
  • Clear highs and deep lows
  • Wi-Fi network based
  • DSP technology
  • Compact and stylish design
  • Premium full range drivers

Whether you are choosing online or offline music this option of Bluetooth speaker is superb versatile pick for anyone which have lots of wireless connection which runs with  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Preselection of Radio station option is another elegant featuring for this unit  which can store your favorite  internet radio station with three quick selection buttons.

Compatibility with Alexa offer unlimited convenience to access them only connecting with existing Alexa system.Wi-Fi connection allow this multi home speaker with same song or different per individual choice.Installing HEOS app can more updated use of this system from a great distance.On the contrary build in  HEOS offer ultimate flawless using of this anywhere and anytime.

With clear highs clear heights with 1” diameter tweeter and deep lows with a 3.5” mid-bass driver to refill the entire apartment or outdoor with amazing bass and louder sound. Furthermore, you can stream music from Pandora Spotify and more along with Bluetooth via. 

Why we picked it

  • Alexa compatibility
  • Simple to set up
  • Works with app
  • Internet radio 
  • Music streaming
  • Wide connectivity options

14. Twist Bluetooth + SoundLink speaker 

Key Feature:

  • Seamless aluminum body
  • Small yet powerful
  • USB power source
  • Made with high quality materials
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Voice prompt with wireless Bluetooth connection

Here the another product from Bose which have similarities in previous reviewed one on its appearance while similarities in their playing time and handle and more.This comes with a nice handle which support you to carry this effortless and provide a sophisticated look.

This portable Bluetooth speaker  have durable and long-lasting aluminum construction with IPX4 water resistant content.With the high quality lithium-ion  rechargeable battery you can be listening up to 16 hours once you charged it completely.For keeping a full night party this is an unbeatable choice.This capable to deep and louder sound with 360 degree speakers.

Available in two colors such as triple black and lux gray whose one which you prefer most. This is featured with build-in speaker to attain an important call without touching of your phone and device. Wireless Bluetooth pairing with voice prompt is an attractive feature of Bose Bluetooth speaker.

Why we picked it

  • Build in speaker
  • Waterproof
  • Handle design
  • Superb quality of bass
  • 360 degree two speakers
  • Produce deep and loud sound

15. JBL FLIP 5, Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Key Feature:

  • Available rainbows colors
  • Offers premium JBL sound quality
  • Music streaming
  • Enjoy playtime above 12 hours 
  • Rugged rubber housing with durable  
  • Stands vertically and horizontally

We have firm believe that from our previous 9 product review you have already chosen your desired Bluetooth speaker but if not found it you can consider our last one of the best Bluetooth speakers under 200 which is from JBL, a reliable manufacturer of these things.

To boost your party vibe this could be paired with multiple speakers together for stereo and link option.While you can stream music with via Bluetooth. With the JBL signature sound you can let not be your party bore with it requires only 2\3 hours charge with USB quick charger which supports up to 12 hours with booming sound with racetrack shaped driver.

When you need a waterproof Bluetooth speaker grab this one which have IPX7 which can submerge in water and works later as before even in 3 feet deep. With comes with 11 vibrant color to get rid of boring option as usually offer Bluetooth speakers.

Why we picked it

  • Wireless connection
  • Easy to use and connect
  • Worth of price
  • Waterproof 
  • Stereo pairing 
  • Booming bass

Buying Guide of best Bluetooth speaker under 200

While Bluetooth speaker is a handy audio system and reached their popularity sky kissing a great number of   tech company manufactures this item and few of them have not great quality to make it cheap which makes critical situation to find a good Bluetooth speaker easily if you don’t have proper knowledge about their feature and their works.To make it easy and time saving we are presenting here a compact  and adequate guideline to grab the best one which match your personality and style.


You should first find out where will you want the speaker to use if you are choosing one for home think this appearance which can be most blending for your decoration.While you want to carry this and determine where you want to use. And choose them up o this requirement in material, design and protection layer of the system.Portable and smart features is always needed for such handy item while waterproof is need in some context only per your habit of listening to music.

Bluetooth version

Audio transmission quality and distance matters a lot when we are talking about a Bluetooth speaker at the time of maintaining distance of the speaker and phone.You should find a Bluetooth speaker with 4 or 5 version with 4 is good support for low energy profile battery life and good range from 30 to 60 meters.On the contrary  5 is most updated on to transmit data and good range 4 is more available in recent days.


To make your music unit wireless technology  drive plays a vital role, so you need a decent size driver to support the Bluetooth.Most of the portable speaker comes with 40 mm which is considered good size to support the system.If you want lager one you choose them from varied size.

Charging style

Whatever you want to play and wherever you want to go with it need charging to runt the Bluetooth speaker.Standard USB charging port is very common for this item which makes provide convenience in home and outdoor if you have the bundles of cable to charge them.Micro-USB charging port offer ultimate convenience at your traveling with power banks.


At the modern weave of Bluetooth speaker wireless connectivity is more popular choice while you can find other connection options for more convenience like wired one such as AUX-in which helps to produce good sound with unlimited input possibility of your wireless speaker. Again you can find a good option with build in mic to support phone call in your travelling time.

Additional features

Bluetooth speaker with streaming music capacity is more fun.While updated Bluetooth speaker comes with Wi-Fi connection Alexa compatibility.If you need more loud sound for outdoing, single speaker’s sound can be bigger sound with pairing of multiple speaker whether it is two and more depending on manufacturer designed. 

Getting a reliable Bluetooth speaker at reasonable price keeps in doubt but if you check these pointed things before purchasing your wont go wrong whether it is under 200 or less.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which version of Bluetooth is good for Bluetooth speaker?

Speakers usually need connection weather from Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.While Bluetooth speaker is more popular choice and this have different version.People choose 3and 4 version while 5 is the latest updated one.The version actually differs the imputed transforming spreed and the range among the speaker and phone or tablet.

What is the different between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi  speaker?

There is significant difference between these type of speaker in their connectivity ranges.Bluetooth speaker takes connection from phone and this type of device while your Wi-Fi needs permanent installation in a fixed  place network connectivity to bridge the audio source and Wi-Fi.With Bluetooth speaker you can listen music anywhere while Wi-Fi based spot in limited range.

Is wattage a factor to consider of buying a Bluetooth speaker?

Of course.As this can determine the units sound output and overall playing time of a Bluetooth speaker while larger speaker and more wattage produce more and good quality sound.Reasonably  a low-end Bluetooth speaker have low wattage for  a single speaker.When you go to a high price range you will get 2.1 channel sound with subwoofer or twin channel stereo.We recommend you t purchase a high Wattage Bluetooth speaker to make your home theater with least investment.

Why battery size is important in Bluetooth speaker?

When you are buying a  portable Bluetooth speaker to carry with you anywhere where you want battery size is a key factor which related with power to function.The total playing time depend on battery capacity as the speaker demand so consider the playing time when you are researching on Bluetooth speaker.

Can a waterproof Bluetooth speaker work underwater?

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker have designed with three components included driver, crossovers and cabinet together with provide good sound even underwater.Water resistance and waterproof are not are thing while waterproof one can be submerged into water with different range per manufacturer instruction.Though IPX8 rating speaker are waterproof with but this can damage your unit fast.


For those who like music anywhere kitchen to beach Bluetooth speaker is  not only a piece of music equipment but best friend or company which can make them happy.Again a quality Bluetooth speaker with portability can bring a vibe whether it is party, get together or travelling.

As this item come with so many options in the market with features which make you overwhelming to find the most suitable option.We have already attached a list of reviews breaking down the popular choice of the market to help you effectively.

Still you are structuring with young guide and types of them and get confused more and more, pick one from best Bluetooth speakers under 200 confidently.

Now would be a great time to purchase any of these Bluetooth speakers, depending on your needs. Although there will be other smart speakers released this year, it is essential to note that most improvements will depend on the AI services that power the Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri digital assistants rather than the hardware.

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