Best Energy Saving Tips With A Smart House (Find Affordable devices)

Best Energy Saving Tips with a Smart House

Are you worried for you energy bills? Here are you going to find tips for energy saving, and also, devices to help you reduce significantly your consumption. Let’s take a look.

Are you looking for ways to manage your monthly bills? Wondering how to reduce energy consumption at your home? If so, then all you need is a smart home!. In addition, below are you going to find the best energy saving tips.

The 21st century is all about technology, rather we should say, ‘smart technology’. From phones to cars, everything is getting ‘smarter’ day-by-day. This technology not only aims at making our routine chores easier but also to help us in every possible way we think. 

That even includes saving money and energy. In this article, you will find out how to reduce your bills and save money by using smart home devices.

Best Smart Home Devices For You To Save Energy

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Upon hearing the word ‘smart home’, you may have thought of a futuristic home packed with robots to handle your chores. Despite being alluring, you might perceive it as a faraway concept.

But it isn’t so, since today, we have so many devices that quickly transform your home into a smart home. While today’s smart home may lack robots, it still succeeds in letting you save energy and money together.

Below we quickly list some of the best smart home devices and energy saving tips for you.

energy savings tips with a smart house. it is a smart thermostatThe first energy saving tips is to install at home is a smart thermostat. Although they might be a bit costly to invest in, they surely are worth the money in the long run. 

Definitely, you won’t mind spending a few extra bucks on this device if you can save a lot for the rest of your life, will you? Smart thermostats do not directly control the use of energy by your home. 

However, they allow you to keep an eye on the heating and cooling of your house. Hence, you can save energy and reduce costs by changing your lifestyle accordingly. For example, you can improve the insulation of your home to conserve heat.

One of the best smart thermostats to install at your home is Nest Learning ThermostatIt not only regulates your home temperature but also comes with automatic regulation of temperature by sensing your presence. You can see more here in The Best Smart Thermostat

energy savings tips with a smart house. it is a smart light bulbsAlthough, light bulbs usually go unnoticed when we count the appliances consuming power. They are our second energy saving tips.

However, the overall lighting system of your home is the biggest energy draining resource. Consequently, it also adds to your bills while you keep blaming your refrigerator or microwave oven for the high costs.

Perhaps, the smartest way to save money and energy is to replace conventional light bulbs with smart bulbs. Smart bulbs, like their traditional counterparts, also work on power. However, they work smartly as they offer lots of features for managing energy consumption.

For example, the Philips Hue Smart Light Starter Kit is a creative smart lighting option. While people like it for its hues, it also offers features like voice control via Alexa and Hue dimmer switch.

Plus, it comes with Hue motion sensor which makes the bulb turn on or off automatically as it detects motion. Certainly, this is the best feature to keep the burglars at bay. Also, you can find cheaper alternatives in the market for localized installation. 

For example, the LIFX 1100-Lumen LED Light Bulb that does not require any hub to work. You can install this bulb anywhere in your home and leverage its features to save money and energy. You can see more here in The Best Smart Lights Bulbs

energy savings tips with a smart house. it is a smart plugMost electrical appliances consume a lot of power. In fact, a wise energy saving tip is simply leaving them plugged-in when not in use can greatly increase your bills as these devices continue to suck power. 

So, either you have to remember unplugging these devices every time after use, or, get ready to pay excessive bills. However, smart home plugs effectively address this issue. 

They simply cut off power supply automatically to the devices when not in use. Plus, some smart plugs also let you connect them with your smartphone for efficient control no matter where you are.

When choosing smart plugs, you can either install single plugs at your home at the points of your choosing. For example, the WeMo Mini Smart Plug works seamlessly well over a WiFi, without you having to subscribe to anything. 

You can also schedule automatic on and off of devices through these plugs. Or, you can buy power strips, such as the Tripp Lite Surge Protector Power Strip. As it comes with multiple power-saving sockets, you can connect your laptop, smartphone charger, PC, or any other appliance to it to save energy.

energy saving tips with a smart house. it is a smart energy monitor Smart energy monitoring meters lets you gauge the energy consumption at home. Just like a smart thermostat through which you can keep an eye on your home temperature, with an energy meter, you can monitor power consumption.

Such energy monitoring is especially helpful for saving money. When you know the amount of energy you consume, you can change your habits for reduced usage. For example, if you monitor high electricity consumption, you can switch to smart bulbs and appliances for better management.

Moreover, with continuous monitoring, you can catch sudden spikes in your energy usage due to any underlying technical issues. Likewise, you will know if you have left anything unnecessarily turned on that is draining power.

What’s remarkable about these smart energy meters is that you can continue to watch over energy consumption in your home even when you’re away. If you want to buy one, you can easily find them in the market, such as the Sense Energy Monitor

This unique facility not only lets you track your power meter, but also offers other smart features. For instance, it offers a side-by-side comparison with solar tracking – something really useful if you have a solar energy system at home. Also, it comes with the appliance detection feature. Thus, it alerts you directly about the appliance accidentally left on.

energy savings tips with a smart house. it is a sprinkle controllerEven after you overhaul your home with smart devices, there remains one more source outside your house that drains energy. It is your garden irrigation system.

If you have a lawn at your home, no matter how small, it still takes time and effort to irrigate. On top of that, it consumes a lot of water as you cannot manage the water flow. 

Hence, it not only wastes water but also boosts your water bills. But, with smart alternatives, such as the Rachio 3rd Generation Smart Sprinkler, you can keep your worries aside. With this sprinkler, you can 

  • schedule watering times,
  • estimate water usage,
  • manage the amount of water to use. 

Plus, the sprinkler also comes with weather intelligence to avoid unnecessary watering during obvious situations, such as rains. Using all these features, you can easily save up to 30-50% on your monthly bills.

But if you feel such a sprinkler system is a bit costly for you, no worries. You can try cheaper alternatives such as Orbit B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet that smoothly integrates with your existing garden hose.

Final word

Smart home devices aren’t about adapting a futuristic lifestyle only. Nor do these devices serve the sole purpose of remote monitoring of your home. In fact, smart home devices serve much more. 

You can save money, save energy, and improve your lifestyle at the same time simply by replacing the conventional things with smart ones. With a little investment in the beginning, these devices will surely pay you back in the long run.

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