Equip Your Home With The Best Smart Home Products This Year

Transforming your home into a smart home isn’t a luxury. Rather, considering the facilities technology has provided to us, it’s more of a necessity. Just as having home insurance is important as a backup plan for your safety, smart home devices also provide you with the utmost convenience and security. So, if you’re just stepping up with your smart home and you’re stuck at what to buy, then we’ve got you covered.

Below, we have listed the best smart home products that are a must-buy for your connected house.

Best Smart Home Products That You Must Have

The Best Smart Home Products This Year

1. Smart Bulb – Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance

Begin developing your smart home with the best smart home devices like a smart bulb. Perhaps, the Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance bulb is a perfect choice here as it’s an affordable and very easy to use bulb.

It offers great features such as 16 million color choices, seamless compatibility with most smart assistants, and quick installation.

Also, you can install a Hue Hub to get more control over your home illumination. It supports up to 50 bulbs, so you can manage the entire lighting system from rooms to garage and walkways with a single control.


  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Amazing color options
  • Energy efficient


  • Requires Hub to work with Google Home

2. Smart Security Camera – Arlo Pro 3

The Best Smart Home Products This Year
To ensure thorough security for your smart home a home insurance service isn’t enough. Although it covers you in case of accidents and thefts, it cannot constantly track your home.However, a smart security camera can do that, such as Arlo Pro 3. The most interesting feature of this camera is that it saves you from the mess of wired connection. It comes with a battery and an integrated solar panel for battery charging. Plus, it’s weather-resistant.

Hence, you can install it anywhere with magnetic mounts, connect it with your smart home, and enjoy the utmost security.


  • Wire-free installation
  • 180-degree camera view
  • Color night vision


  • No free cloud storage

3. Smart Plug – Wemo Mini

The Best Smart Home Products This Year

When you have the smart lights and camera in your home, why not use smart plugs for added convenience? Forget about all those worries of accidentally leaving any switch turned on with Wemo Mini. The Wemo Mini smart plug brings down the control of all electrical switches of your house to your smartphone. Just plug this smart plug into the electrical socket and connect it to the WiFi. And then, with the mobile app, you control which switch to turn on or off with a single tab.


  • No subscription needed
  • Works without a Hub
  • Suitable for high power appliances


  • No energy monitoring

4. Smart Thermostat – Google Nest Learning

The Best Smart Home Products This Year

After smart plugs, the next smart product for home that we recommend is a smart thermostat. It’s because the best smart thermostat like the Nest Learning 3rd Gen Smart Thermostat includes automation and convenience in regulating the heating and cooling of your home. No need to input your efforts in programming this thermostat. It uses its embedded technology to learn lifestyle preferences to create the right atmosphere for you.

Also, it helps you cut down your monthly bills as it monitors energy consumption.


  • Auto-programming with smart learning
  • Interactive control
  • Automatic regulation with Away Assist feature


  • Maybe pricey


So, here we end our review of the best smart home products.

But, the end of this review doesn’t mean that you have limited options. Rather we have just given you a starting point to develop your connected home. If you search the market, you will find even more devices that you may find useful for your lifestyle.

Also, watch this video to know about more smart products to adorn your smart home.

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