Google Nest Hub – Smart Display For Google Home Users

A smart display is one of those useful devices without which, a smart home is never complete. Do you think the tech giant Google would ever leave its customers yearning for this useful product? Certainly, it won’t.

And that’s why, it has presented Google Nest Hub – a smart display that collaborates with your very own Google Assistant to create a contemporary tech-driven lifestyle for you.

Let’s take a quick look at what this wonderful bear is for us.

Google Nest Hub Overview

Google Nest Hub
Google Nest Hub

Google Nest Hub is a standalone display device that looks similar to a tablet.

The device comes with a stand that allows you to place it anywhere in your smart house. Like you can place it on your bedside as a digital photo frame to which you can talk too – thanks to its built-in speaker. Or, you can install it in your kitchen and watch your favorite shows as you cook.

All you have to do is to connect it to a power socket. Then, as it integrates with Google Assistant, you can manage everything via voice control.


Google Nest is a small 7-inch display device that looks similar to a tablet. Its small form factor doesn’t only make it aesthetically appealing, but also contributes to its performance.

For instance, due to its small screen, it shows clearer images that would otherwise distort on large display devices like the Amazon Echo 8 or Facebook Portal.

The device includes a built-in speaker that delivers great sounds. You can also use this hub to control the other smart devices at your home, such as your doorbell.

The only notable absence in Google Nest, when compared to its rivals, is the absence of a camera.

Top Features

A Smart Personal Assistant

Although, your Google Assistant suffices to manage your queries and personal stuff as it speaks to you. Yet, Google Nest Hub jazzes up this experience by providing visual assistance. From searching deals to checking weather conditions and more, you can see and choose whatever you want to know more about.

Play Music

Google Nest Hub comes with moderate built-in speakers. Though its sound quality may not impress audiophiles, it does manage to deliver an average experience for the users.

Display Photos

This smart display isn’t only a communication device, rather it’s a wonderful addition to your home décor too. You can choose your photos as the main display and set the device as a digital photo frame in your room.

Respects User Privacy

The most interesting aspect of Google Nest Hub, that even leaves its successor, Google Nest Hub Max behind, is its privacy-oriented functionality.

At first, it had no camera. So, you don’t have to worry about any inadvertent recordings by this device. Secondly, it adjusts screen brightness and blue light according to the surroundings. It has a light sensor that detects the level of illumination, and turns the screen off in dark. Smart Display For Google Home Users


  • No intrusive recordings
  • Automatically adjusts screen brightness
  • Interactive touch screen
  • Easy to use size
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Affordable cost


  • Doesn’t support video calling
  • Sound quality isn’t impressive
  • Screen size too small for streaming media
  • No batteries

Google Nest Smart Display – Final Word

Google Nest Hub is one of the most desirable devices for your Google smart home. In fact, after you finalize the right home insurance for your home, the next thing you should look up for is this smart display.

Although, in comparison to other high-end smart displays, it may not be the best option for everyone. The device may not be the best as a home theatre substitute. Nor can you use It for video calling as it lacks a camera. Smart Display For Google Home Users

However, given its affordable cost, the device offers modest features to let you enjoy an automated and comfortable lifestyle. If you simply want a device that assists you with your routine chores, then Google Nest Hub is the choice to begin with.

Yet, if you’re confused about whether to buy this one, or the Nest Hub Max, then watch this video.

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