The Best High Resolution Night Vision Security Camera Of 2020

High resolution night vision security camera systems are a vital component.In an effective business or home security setup.

High resolution Night vision security camera. They can monitor low-lit. Moreover, even completely dark environments. In these conditions they offer clear images and videos. Through the use of infrared (IR) technology. 

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So, which High resolution night vision security camera is a good fit. For your budget. But, will still give you all the security and smart features you need?. 

In the review below. We compare price, features. And compatibility with smart house devices and ease of installation. 

Here are our top picks for the best high resolution night vision cameras of 2020.

high resolution night vision security cameraGoogle Nest Cam IQ Outdoor Zmodo Indoor/Outdoor Wifi Camera Reolink Argus 2 Swann Bullet NVR Security Camera Arlo Ultra




Weatherproof Rating






Night Vision Range

50 Feet
65 Feet
33 Feet
115 Feet
300 Feet
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Best Overall Night Vision Security Camera: Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

The Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor costs $400. It is the most expensive option on this list. 

However, it is worth the cost. Because of its impressive feature set. That puts it ahead of the other cameras. 

It has a 130-degree wide-angle lens. And the ability to detect and follow any movement. So you can keep track of all that happens through the night.

 Additionally, it has a 1200% zoom. And also professional monitoring and two-way audio. 

Although, The camera’s 50-foot night vision range is distinctly average. When compared to cameras in this price range. 

It makes up for the shortcoming by offering exceptional visual clarity. As well as IP66 rating. Which means that it is dust- and waterproof.

The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor seamlessly integrates with Google Home. To give you expanded functionality. 

For instance, you get “Familiar Face Recognition”. Only if you have a Nest Aware subscription. This reduces instances of false-positive security alerts.

Although, You can install the Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor. Without requiring expert assistance. It takes more-than-average effort and planning.

 You need to drill through your home’s outer wall. To plug your security camera into an indoor socket.


  • Intelligent imaging technology
  • Google Home integration
  • 130-degree wide angle lens
  • Indoor and outdoor options available


  • Expensive

Best Budget Night Vision Camera: Zmodo Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Camera

Available for just $40. The Zmodo Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Camera . is the most inexpensive option in our review. 

The small price tag.- means that you need to make some compromises. Such as a lack of two-way audio. As well as having just 96 degrees of wide-angle video capture. 

Still, Zmodo WiFi Camera makes up for it. With its 65-foot range. And an IP65 weatherproof rating. For dust tight operation. And protection from water jet streams. 

What’s more?. You have the option of professional monitoring. This camera is easy to integrate with both Google Home. And Amazon Alexa and can connect wirelessly. 

Zmodo gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee. As well as a one-year warranty.

The Zmodo camera has 1080p resolution. And motion detection, remote viewing. And also 12-hour automatic cloud storage. 

If you require it, you may upgrade to 1 week. Or 30-day cloud storage at an additional cost.

To set up the Zmodo Indoor/Outdoor WiFi Camera. You should find a vantage point. Which gives clear lines of sight of your property. 

You then need to install your camera bracket, mount the device. And then plug it in.


  • Excellent value
  • 12 hours of free cloud video storage


  • Relatively low-resolution motion alert photos

Best Wireless Night Vision Security Camera: Reolink Argus 2

The Reolink Argus 2 is largely focused on. offering superb night vision technology. 

The camera has IP65 weatherproof rating. A night vision range of just 33 feet. And a 130-degree wide angle view. Also, its incredibly sensitive CMOS starlight sensor. It gives excellent low-light video capture. 

Although, The camera does not have the option of professional monitoring. It has a two-year warranty. As well as 30-day money back guarantee.

Additionally, the Reolink Argus 2 provides integration with Google Home. But it has limited integration with other smart home applications. 

Using wireless connectivity the Argus 2 delivers.- 1080p full-HD images, motion detection. And option al recording to a microSD card.

Since it is completely wireless, the Reolink Argus 2 is easy to install. You can choose either a battery or solar-powered camera. 

When you choose the rechargeable battery option. You will be notified any time the power runs low. With a solar panel. You get uninterrupted operation but at an additional cost.


  • Sharp 1080p video
  • Wireless
  • Local storage


  • No integration with smart house devices
  • SD card is not included

Best Night Vision Range: Swann Bullet NVR Security Camera

The Swann Bullet NVR Security Camera. It has the greatest range of the top night vision security cameras. That we reviewed at 115 feet. What’s more?. 

it offers two-way audio, a 75-degree wide angle lens. In addition to IP65 weatherproof rating. 

While the Swann camera does not provide professional monitoring. The company gives something extra. 

By combining low-light and infrared technology. To reproduce color images day and night. This camera also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Along with a one-year warranty.

With a paid Swann subscription, you gain access to Premium Support. Via email, phone, and online chat. In addition to 7 days of local storage. And also 2 days’ cloud storage. 

For your smart home. The camera is compatible with Amazon Alexa. And also Google Home via wireless connections. 

To install the camera. Find an ideal spot on the exterior of your house. Because it has such a small vision arc. 

You must find a location that has a strong wireless signal. And few obstructions. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations. You should mount the camera high. And away from reflective surfaces.


  • Several night vision technologies
  • Two days of free video storage
  • Long range


  • Narrow viewing angle

Best Overall Features: Arlo Ultra

The Arlo Ultra is a camera that provides top-tier. low light performance. At a premium price. 

It gives you 180-degrees of wide-angle visibility. And a massive 300-foot night vision range. Other features are:

  • IP65 weatherproof rating,
  • zoom,
  • auto tracking,
  • and two-way audio.

Additionally, you get one year of Arlo Smart Premier monitoring free. With your camera purchase. 

Arlo also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Along with a one-year limited hardware warranty.

The camera is compatible with Amazon Alexa. Apple Watch and Google Home. It runs a Bluetooth Low Energy connection. 

In addition to wireless links. And gives a maximum resolution of 3840×2160. 

Thanks to a magnetic mount. installing the Arlo Ultra is easy. All you need to do is find the best location. 

And drill a hole and install the mounting solution. You then simply charge the camera’s battery. Insert it into the device. And snap the Ultra into place.


  • 4K video capture
  • Automatic zoom and tracking
  • Color night vision
  • Onboard LED spotlight


  • Does not support 4K for zoom-and-track mode


Do not let dangerous situations .and criminal activity control of your life. High resolution night vision home security systems. Give you the protection you require. While acting as a deterrent against theft,. burglaries, and vandalism. 

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