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Best Home Security Systems

Best Smart Home Security Systems

We have found the most popular home security systems for you. In addition, our purpose is to help you improve the security of your family and make you feel safer. Lets take a look.

Technological advances have brought many exciting changes to the security industry. But, if you are not sure about what is a smart house you can learn here. Moreover, one of the most profound changes is the inclusion of the internet of things. 

In addition, the new systems are specially designed to be user friendly. To underline this assertion, a smart home security device will give you better security control.

For example, you can use the security camera system to monitor your home from a remote location. And also, control home devices like the lighting, door bells, door locks, and smart thermostats.

Smart Security

Best Smart Home Security Systems for making a smart house

Smart home security systems have been evolved significantly. These systems offer; 24/7 protection, virtual access, and automation. On the other hand, an investment in smart home security can lead to provide lower home insurance rate. 

Furthermore, home security systems can deter theft by preventing burglars from breaking into your home. Because burglars don’t want to be caught, they will always look for easy targets. A smart home security system will also protect your family and belongings. 

Most burglars break into homes to steal electronic equipment or jewellery. Whereby, an integrated security system will alert you and the authorities about suspicious activities around your home. Besides, acting on the alert ensure your family and valuables remain safe. 

Also, you can access your smart home security systems from anywhere as long as you are connected. Homeowners with smart security systems enjoy 24/7 security. For instance, systems with motion sensing can be set to send emergency notifications around the clock. 

And also, Insurance providers are more likely to offer premium discounts to clients whose homes are secured. Because the risk of incurring losses as a result of fire, water damage or burglary is lower. Furthermore, you can link your security systems with other smart home devices. In order to manage them easily.

Top 5 best Smart Home Security Systems

Products Compatibility IFTTT Support Installation

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant

Smart home security devices allow users to manage different devices from a central point. Moreover, your home security systems are broadly classified as professional home security systems or Do-It-Yourself security systems(DIY). 

The last one is generally more affordable. Because  users don’t paid installation and subscription charges. The DIY security systems are also easy to install. while, the professional home security systems mostly use wireless components that demand professional installation.

As a result, the cost of installing and operating professional security systems is much higher than DIY systems. And also, the service requires contract signing. The best smart home security system providers include:

Security camera system for smart house. Its called Zosi 1080Zosi is  an easy  installation and operation system. Moreover, you should always feel safe and secure not matter the time of the day. 

Other striking features that you can achieve with this HD security system is 

  • you can keep tabs on what’s happening at your home
  • you can see your home with  high-quality video on your tablet or smartphone anytime.

Additional features include:

  • HD 1080p with excellent image quality
  • Wireless cameras- free from complex wiring
  • Professional weatherproof IP66 housing for indoor and outdoor

Security camera system for smart house. Its called HoneywellThe all-inclusive home security systems offered by Honeywell are unbeatable in the expanded smart home security market. 

Because the products include air purifiers, home ventilation and programmable thermostats.

Moreover, the other advantages of signing up with Honeywell include extended smart home support and access to Amazon Alexa assistant.

This device is easy to install and also supports IFTTT applets. Therefore, you will have a variety of free and paid cloud storage. However, the face recognition is limited.

Security camera system for smart house. Its called Nest secure Nest Secure home security solutions includes a powerful alarm system with 3 sensors, best tags and well-articulated base station. 

Moreover, depending on your proximity to the base station, Nest Tag can be turn on and off to arm or disarm the alarm system. 

Furthermore, the settings can be broadly increased using the Nest App, password-code and Google Assistant. The kit is incredibly easy to disarm and armAlso its detect sensors more than monitor whether a door is open or closed. It is expensive and lock you to work with the google devices.

4. Ring Alarm

Security camera system for smart house. Its called Ring AlarmMost of people recognise Ring for offering simple yet versatile home security solutions

And also, the security kits are easy to set up, thanks to the contract-free services. Moreover, the company’s standard alarm security is competitively priced. 

Besides, it comes with an array of exciting features such as contact sensor, keypad, range extender and motion detector. Finally, the bundle can be extended with add-on features depending on your needs.

Security camera system for smart house. Its called SimplisafeIf you need a well-integrated whole home security system, you may consider partnering with Simplisafe. 

For the starter kit, Simplisafe customers can choose from a range of low to high-end security solutions. Moreover, the Foundation kit is a low-end plan that features base station, motion sensor and keypad. 

Besides, the highly touted, high-end Haven kit also features a base station alongside 2 motion sensors, panic button, smoke detector and 105dB siren. In addition, if you buy  the Simplisafe security kits, you get a generous 60-day guarantee.

Furthermore, the incentive covers defunct and malfunctioned products. Finally, the two monitoring plans available are no contract cellular backup plan and the professional monitoring plan.

Top 5 Best Smart Security Devices

When your are going to buy a security system, always pay attention to the loaded features and system capabilities. 

Firstly, initial equipment cost, Then, installation expenses. After that monthly monitoring fees , Finally, discounts and offers.

The following devices and appliances stick out in the crowded, smart home security market. Moreover, cameras are a essential part of security. As a result, see the Best Security Camera Here.

Door locks for smart house. Its called August Door locksNew generation of door locks have come a long way from what was used in the last century. Moreover, with August smart locks, you can use a smartphone to secure your door and control access. 

Furthermore, this locks is easy to install, and with the Augusta Smart Lock App you get an array of support. Besides, it has features such as geofencing, voice activation and IFTTT channel that links the lock seamlessly with other smart home devices.

The other popular attraction is the sleek design. And also, the smart lock requires additional components before remote locking is enabled. You can see the Best Smart Door Locks here

Smart thermostat for smart house. its called ecobeeThis well-designed smart thermostat is fitted with Amazon Alexa. 

Ecobee allows you to issue voice instructions. Moreover, with the aid of Room Sensor, and the device will automatically adjust temperatures based on prevailing conditions.

The other amazing features about the Ecobee smart thermostat include the ability to detect cold and hot spots. Also,  the presence of energy conservation and recording tool, HomeIQ. In addition, the device is easy to install as it takes just 30 minutes following the installation guide.

Ecobee Smart Thermostat is compatible with various home appliances, including ventilators, dehumidifiers and heat pumps (4H/2C). You can see the Best Smart thermostat here

Baby monitor for smart house This sensational baby monitor can come in handy when you want to monitor your baby around the clock. For instance, when you are sleeping or attending to other things. 

The Miku Baby Monitor is user-friendly as it is loaded with layers of sensors for enhanced monitoring. Furthermore, the monitor can apply track the child’s breathing and sleeping patterns in real-time. All the collated data is safeguarded in a tamper-proof crypto chip. 

This is the reason Miku Monitor is highly preferred for analysing babies with health issues. Moreover, Miku is also loaded with custom-built Ole Wolf speakers that can be used by caregivers to sing soothing lullabies. You can see the Best Smart baby monitor here 

Doorbells for smart house to improve your security Advanced door bells with video capabilities easily provide live footage of people knocking at the door. 

Moreover, the highly affordable RemoBell-S doorbell is loaded with many stimulating features such as smart device interoperability, fire cloud storage, motion sensing and support for Google and Apple voice commands. 

Furthermore, these doorbell enable IFTTT connectivity. And also, it stands out because of the 2-way audio, HD video and a user-friendly App. Finally, The videos on the RemoBell-S wired door bells are streamed in fisheye mode.

Security camera system with solar system for smart houseOne of the most capable solar powered security cameras in the market today is Reolink solar powered security cameras. It has features like compelling aesthetic design and remarkable functionalities. 

Moreover, a hour charge with sunlight energy allows the camera to provide 24 hours of video recording. And also, buyers of the security camera system also get inbuilt 4000mAh battery, 64GB micro-SD data storage unit, 2.4 GHZ Wi-Fi connection. 

And also, you can get  LED lights capable of pushing the night vision up to the 50 feet level. You can use the embedded Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) to switch off and adjust the PIR sensitivity. Notifications are sent in one second after a movement is detected on the PIR radar.

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