A Look At Levana Mila ‚Äď Detailed Review Of Levana Baby Monitor

As a parent, it is your prime responsibility to take care of your baby at all times. Sounds cliché, right? For that reason, levana baby monitor is here for make your life safer.

But actually, it isn’t so, especially considering today’s fast-paced lifestyle. You cannot really babysit round the clock when you have to handle lots of work and household chores.

Does it mean that you can’t watch over your baby, or have to arrange a nanny? The answer is no.

Thanks to the latest technology that you now have numerous wonderful products for your little one.

For instance, you can even enjoy hiking with your baby simply by getting yourself a self-propelling smart stroller. With it, you don’t have to drain your energy in pushing your baby’s stroller upwards as you climb. Nor you would need to leave your baby at home and keep worrying about him instead of enjoying your venture. 

Similarly, you can get a safety stroller with car seats for your baby, even a newborn one. This will let, to keep the little one close to you as you go for a drive, or visit the market for buying grocery. While you perform your job, the stroller will ensure that your baby remains safe and cozy.

It means that there’s always something to assist you in parenting when outside. But what to do when you’re at home?

Levana ‚Äď a commercial baby monitor producer, has addressed this issue seamlessly well. They have produced numerous baby monitors to let you keep an eye on your little one as you perform your routine activities.¬†

One of these devices is the Levana Mila baby monitor. 

It’s a minimalistic yet useful device for baby monitoring. Though, its features lack certain high-end technologies like other best baby monitors, still, it manages to provide enough functionality to the parents.

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Levana Baby Monitor Design

Levana Mila comes in an elegant design. Neither it is too flamboyant, nor too dull. This device mainly includes two different gadgets to work ‚Äď a surveillance camera, and a handheld monitor. The latter is what makes Levana Mila distinct from other baby monitors that come with a smartphone app.

Levana Baby Monitor Mila Camera

Like most other baby monitors, it exhibits a spherical shape with a rounded base. To this, the classic combination of white and black gives a sleek look ‚Äď typical of a surveillance camera.¬†

As for the details, the camera part of the Levana baby monitor is about 4.4 inches high, 3.1 inches long, and 3.2 inches wide.

The base of the camera bears a pair of antennas, one of which is long enough to protrude. This antenna is responsible for the video appearing on the handheld monitor. Whereas, the smaller antenna is to detect the temperature of the room.

You can easily connect this camera at any point in your baby’s room. Though, make sure to install it somewhere near a power socket. It’s because it doesn’t come with a battery. So, you need to make sure that the camera remains plugged in to get the power.

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Levana Baby Mila Handheld Monitor

The other component of the Levana baby monitor is a small display device around the size of a smartphone. 

Precisely, it is a 6.1 X 3.1 X 0.7 inch device weighing 0.53 pounds. So, it might feel a little heavier to continuously hold in hands as compared to your mobile phone.

However, you don’t have to worry about it since it also bears a kickstand at the back. Hence, you can simply place it anywhere to keep it in your sight as you perform your work. 

The monitor bears a 5-inch LCD display that shows very clear pictures of the location regardless of where you are.

Though, make sure that you keep the monitor within a distance of 1000 feet from the camera to work.

It comes with a battery that lasts for 8-hours upon continuous use. Yet, you can always prolong the runtime by managing the device settings. For example, you can turn off the display when not in use via the provided orange button.

The handheld device offers customizable settings for monitoring your baby in the way you like. For example, you can set it up to alert you upon detecting motion or sound.

Besides, this monitor also lets you control the camera angle, direction, and tilt via dedicated control buttons.

Levana Baby Monitor Mila Features

Apart from a catchy design, the Levana baby monitor also bears some impressive features for users’ convenience. Here’s a quick look.

Clear Video With Night Vision

With the Levana Mila camera, you won‚Äôt feel distant from your baby. Powered by ClearVu‚ĄĘ HD resolution, the camera delivers superior quality video with bright colors and a sharp vision of your baby‚Äôs room at all times.¬†

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about monitoring your baby at night since the camera is there for you. It bears invisible Infrared LEDs that provide you with a night vision display of the room. Even in complete darkness, you will get a pretty clear view of the designated area up to 16 feet. 

Besides, you can also adjust the view for more clarity using its 100-degree wide-angle lens that you can move, tilt, or even zoom.

Levana Baby Monitor:Two-Way Audio

Levana baby monitor not only lets you listen to your baby’s sounds but also allows you to talk back.

Whenever it detects your baby’s sounds, it will alert you, hence, letting you speak to your baby to soothe.

Though, you may not experience as good audio quality as the video. Yet, it still suffices in most situations.

Levana Baby Monitor: Support for Multiple Cameras

If you have two or more kids, then, with Levana Mila, you don’t need to purchase separate baby monitors. All you need to do is to simply install the cameras in your kids’ rooms. You can connect them all to your handheld device which supports 4 simultaneous connections.  

Likewise, you can also install multiple cameras in a single room for better monitoring from different angles.

Temperature Monitoring

Levana baby monitor also lets you check the well-being of your little one.

The Levana Mila camera comes with a thermometer and sensing algorithm that tracks the room temperature. Hence, it will alert you as soon as it detects any abnormal temperature.

You can also jazz up this experience by getting yourself another Levana monitor ‚Äď the Levana Oma Sense Portable Baby Breathing Movement Monitor. This harmless smart device tracks your baby‚Äôs movements and alerts you in case of any abnormality.¬†

It means that if your baby is not well, you can put Levana Oma Sense monitor on your baby to track movements, which you can further monitor via your Levana Mila camera.

No WiFi Or Bluetooth Requirement

Levana Mila baby monitor comes with a dedicated GigaXtreme‚ĄĘ Wireless Technology. Thus, it does not integrate with your smart house WiFi network, hence protecting your baby from any possible cyber attacks.¬†

Likewise, it doesn’t require any Bluetooth connection that could expose your baby to excessive radiation.

Pros & Cons


  • Superior quality video of your baby‚Äôs room
  • Round the clock monitoring
  • Night vision mode for visibility in dark
  • Two-way speakers let you talk back to the baby
  • No WiFi dependability ensures thorough privacy
  • No Bluetooth connectivity to protect the baby from unwanted radiations
  • Battery time up to 22 hours with power management


  • Levana Mila camera lack a battery
  • No WiFi support
  • The additional handheld monitor may be onerous for some users

Levana Baby Monitor Video Price

Levana Mila monitor comes with an affordable price tag of $199, which includes a handheld monitor and a camera. Though, you can always buy extra cameras if needed.

Besides, you can also avail of an amazing discount if you decide to buy Levana Mila baby monitor now.

Final Word

Levana Mila monitor is a generally modest device that would somehow remind you of the vintage or pre-smartphone era. Definitely, for some users, managing the extra display device would be a burden, especially today, when most other baby monitors come with mobile apps.

However, besides the additional piece of hardware, this baby monitor also provides numerous good features. For instance, protecting the privacy of your baby from cybercriminals, and thorough monitoring of your baby even at night.

So, overall, it’s a modest product for all those concerned about their babies’ privacy, safety, and well-being.

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