Shark vs Roomba Vacuum – Which Robot Vacuum Should You Buy?

After getting an insurance home service, what’s the next thing you should buy for your smart home? A robot vacuum cleaner maybe? If that’s what you’ve been searching for long and haven’t bought yet, then this article is for you. Here, we quickly compare the two best robot vacuum cleaner giants – Shark vs Roomba.

Comparing Shark vs Roomba Vacuum

Shark and Romba have established themselves as the leaders of the smart cleaning industry. With time, they have produced some great robot vacuum cleaners for their customers. Consequently, it becomes really difficult to choose between one of these brands.

Nonetheless, a careful comparison of Shark vs Roomba vacuum cleaners will help you decide wisely.

Features and SpecsShark Robot Vacuum CleanersRoomba Robot Vacuum Cleaners
NavigationShark Smart sensorsiAdapt Navigation
Mobile Control appShark Clean appiRobot Home App
Barrier SensingMagnetic tapeVirtual Wall Barrier (VWB)
Side Brushes21
FiltersHEPA filtersHigh-efficiency filters
Run time60 minutes (average)75-90 minutes (average)
Automatic RechargeYesYes
Spot cleaningYesYes


Navigation And Mapping


Shark vs Roomba Vacuum

The first notable difference while comparing Shark vs Roomba vacuum cleaners is their underlying technology. While the entry-level robots from both categories demonstrate movement in random patterns, Roomba robots still exhibit better performance.

Also, excluding the entry-level Roomba 614, Roomba 675, and alike, you will find most Roomba robots exhibiting smart mapping technology for better navigation.

Barrier Sensing

Roomba robots generally come with Virtual Wall Barrier sensing that allows creating invisible barriers without tapes. However, for Shark robots, you manage the magnetic tapes to create no-go zones.

Suction Power

Shark vs Roomba Vacuum

Shark robots clearly win when it comes to suction power. Whether it is the Shark Ion R75 or the R87, you will find them offering around 20 CFM. Whereas, the Shark IQ R101AE even offers a little higher suction. However, with Roomba, only the Roomba 900 series and i7 series offer higher powers (around 17 CFM). Whereas, for 20 CFM, you are only left with the Roomba S series.


Again, Shark robots win here as most of them use HEPA filters that assure 99.9% cleaning of allergens. However, for iRobot Roomba, you only find HEPA filters in the pricier robots, such as the iRobot Roomba S9.

Side Brushes And Extractors

Shark vs Roomba Vacuum

Most Shark robots have two side brushes, whereas Roombas have one (on the right side). Though, it doesn’t have a direct impact on their performance. The left side brush doesn’t play a key role in edge sweeping as the robots move in one direction only. However, for shark, it’s an additional feature of advanced cleaning. Though, Roombas win in case of extractors as they feature two counter-rotating brush rolls for effective dirt suction. Whereas Shark robots have only one roller extending along their length.


Comparing Shark vs Roomba robot clearly marks the former as a budget-friendly variant. Whereas, even the entry-level Roomba robots bear a relatively costly price tag.

Shark Robots Review

Shark robots offer superior features in an economic cost. Hence saving you the money to build a smart insurance home(<a href=””>Gabi Personal Insurance</a>). They are intelligent, efficient, and exhibit decent features such as smooth navigation, large bin size, quiet operation, and more, to attract customers.


  • Bin maintenance is easy
  • Attractive circular design
  • Noise-free operation doesn’t scare pets
  • affordable


  • entry level Shark robots only offer basic cleaning features

Roomba Robots Review

iRobot Roomba robots often bear a costly price tag, but their features make them worth the money.Most of them offer Patented Dirt Detect sensors to work harder on areas with concentrated with dirt. Plus, their navigation, even for the entry-level robots that lack smart mapping, is still impressive to ensure thorough cleaning.


  • Efficient performance
  • Recharge and resume in most new models
  • Carpet boost mode
  • Adjustable heads


  • Requires frequent replacement of bin bags in case of auto-empty bin robots


One cannot compare Shark vs Roomba vacuum cleaners merely for marking one as the best. Rather both of them exhibit different functionalities. While Shark robots offer modest features, they’re affordable. Whereas, Roomba, with its impressive high-end features, come with a high price. Hence, it entirely depends upon your preferences that which one of these is suitable for you.

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