What is a Smart House? (Connected House or making a smart home)

What is a Smart House?

what is smart house?

We have found answer for the most popular questions before making the decision to build a smart house. In addition to that, we give you a  guide with 3 steps to start building a smart home. Lets take a look.

Smart house is connect your house, but before of that we should talk about Internet Of Things, and this refers to the connection between daily devices and Internet. Also, What kind of daily devices? 

Just imagine your daily life, all the things that you use since you wake up and until you go to bed to sleep again: lights, coffee maker, fridge, Air Conditioner, Heater, Watch, TV, etc. Besides, you can use internet to find information about everything, so just visualise that internet is also to help you in your daily life, no matter what you would do.

Now, back to business, a connected  house refers to have interconnected all your technological devices between them and control them with just one principal device, generally is your smartphone is also known as Home Automation or Connected House.

So, as we said, wake up at the mornings and take your phone to request to your coffee maker to start making your favourite coffee is possible now, or request to your fridge to make some ice to prepare your favourite smoothie, and then request to your heater or air conditioner to turn on and establish a determinate temperature. 

Moreover, you can configure all this to star by itself at the same time every day. Just remember, technology is here to assist us, and a smart home is a perfect way to use it.

1. What are the benefits of a smart house?

Smart home benefits

Being wondered about connected your house, or thinking about why so many people are making one. There are one of the most popular question about smart house together with How much will it cost. Just thinking in the magic of home automation or what makes it attractive.

Therefore, we understand that one of the main concerns is to discover if it is worthy, expensive or struggle. We are doing this because we want to help you taking a wise decision creating your Smart Home by yourself. 

Smart homes look very cool, and also his purpose is to assist you every day. So, for us, the principal benefits of having a Smart Home are:

Smart Houses is a trend right now and will be in the future. Over 32,5% of homes in the USA have Smart Home devices. Furthermore, the percentage is increasing significantly everyday as we can see on surveys. You can look to each topic just clicking on it.


2. How difficult is it to have a smart house?

Smart houses are for people between 0 and 122 years old (this the oldest person we have found). This means that Smart  Homes are for everyone. Fortunately, we have technology in all kind of devices, more in these times. Also, technology manufacturers sell them with pre-configured characteristics. 

So, in most cases you just have to connect the device to the power, turn it on and connect it via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Besides, most of the apps have intuitive interfaces making them easy to operate. We can’t tell you how much money you need to have a Smart Home because it depends on the needs you have, or the devices you want to control. 

In each article you can find the right information of the devices that you should have or need, as well as its price. 

3. Is it problematic to have a smart house?

Smart house

No, it’s really easy and you can do it by yourself. That’s our aim here. Before buying some Smart Home devices, you should verify, that you have a stable and consistent Wi-Fi connection in your entire home, and obviously as well as a good Internet connection. Don’t forget, you will need a Smart Home or a tablet too. 

In theory, all you need to do is to install the necessary app on your smartphone or tablet to manage the devices and connect these to your Wi-Fi. In addition, compatibility is one of the most important feature in the smart house industry. 

For this reason, we highly recommend you that before buying any Smart Home device you always should assure it is compatible with your current Smart Home System. For us, there is only one skill you will require to do this: think that you can do it by yourself. 

Well, it depends on how much deep you want to go or how much technological you want to be. An average for setting up a Smart Home could cost $2.000, but no worries… it depends on you:

  • Basic level: $100 – $500. Turning on and off your lights by your smartphone. Or,  controlling the heater of your air conditioner. These are things you could do with this budget. Also, you can retrofit smart switches to “dumb devices” for about $50 per switch. And you can add an entry-level smart speaker from Google or Amazon for about $80.
  • Intermediate: $1000 – $2000. This is where things start to get a little more advanced and profitable. Here, you buy devices that can connect to an automation network on your Wi-Fi. For example, dim lights in oder to turn on speakers or schedule a heating cycle. Which means that you can save money controlling your energy usage.
  • Advanced: +$5000. If you want to be recognised as the technological and fancy person in your neighbourhood this is your point. Perhaps, we can discuss this later, but you can imagine turning on an electric fireplace by your smartphone. 

OK… Let's start. Three Step Guide

First of all, you must decide what do you want to control in your home and what are your needs. So, first decide how many devices you want to control. After that, identify is you require a HUB or not. A HUB is like the heart of your system. 

You would control, manage and automotive your Smart Home devices. We have built a guide that you can follow and end up with at least two or three of the most popular Smart Home Devices and the satisfaction of  connected your house and make your life easier. 


Step 1-Choose a Smart House System

You should decide which Smart Home system is going to be your partner for the next years, and as the decision to choose your favourite sport team, your make-up or the person who inspires you, you should take time to think about it. 

The most popular Smart Home systems are:

  • Alexa
  • Google Home
  • Home kit by Apple

    • Alexa, by Amazon: it’s the most sold. You can link almost any device with it. And the voice and answers are so natural. You can find various products, each one depends on size, audio quality and there is one with screen: Echo Dot, Echo Plus, Echo Show, Echo Studio. You can see the Best Alexa Skills Here.

  • Google Home, by Google (soon, it will be called as ‘Google Nest’): it has the second position in sells.  Maybe is not as natural as Amazon but has much more information to share because is Google (the most used searched in the world).  It has a variety of gadgets. There are two with screen (also has a portrait mode): Nest Mini, Google Home, Google Home Max, Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max.
  • Learn more about  Alexa vs Google

Home Kit by Apple

  • Home Kit, by Apple: you can imagine that is the best designed, also the best in audio, but you should consider it if you and your family members have many Apple devices. And, as any Apple product, is not compatible with any Smart Product so you must to be careful about it. Although, Siri is the most natural assistant, is like talking with someone else.  It has some bad jokes (you can try asking Siri ‘How much is zero divided by zero?’). You can find just HomePod, that has the best quality audio.

Step 2: Choose a Smart House Devices

Step 2.1: Basic Devices

Once you have chosen which Smart Home system are you going to get. You should start thinking about some of the most popular smart home devices to install.
  • Door locks. You could manage the car door or you home door directly from your hand, without verifying it by yourself. You can see The Best Smart Door Locks and Doorbells
  • Lights Bulbs. You can deal with your home lights directly from the Smart Home System that even could be your phone. So, you can verify if you turned off the lights before be running through the window to get on time to work, class or an appointment. See our incredible reviews The Best Smart Light Bulbs
  • Thermostats. If the night is being freeze. You can  request your Smart Home System (yes, with your voice) to establish that summer weather that you were dreaming. You can see The Best Smart Thermostat

Step 2.2: Intermediate Devices

  • Cameras. It includes security for your house or family, especially your babies. So, if you have an ‘Au pair’, you can feel confident to check in your phone what she/he is playing with your most loved person in the world. So, You can see The Best Smart Baby Monitor. On the other hand, While you are in holidays you can manage your home directly from your phone. Verifying that your car is still in the garage or see who is coming to your house. Definitely, you are going to make you safer. Learn more here with The Best Smart Security Camera
  • Smart Doorbell. Are you waiting for a delivery? So, when the ring bells you can verify in your phone if is your favourite food waiting for you outside. 

Only after you have bought at least more than three different Smart Home devices, we think it is a wise decision to start wondering about a HUB for your Smart Home.

  • Amazon has its special one: Echo Show.
  • Google has two options, it depends on quality audio: Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max.

This is our principal article, we hope you enjoy it and be motivated to connected your house, using technology to assist you as we do. 

If you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us by comments or e-mails. And if you like this article, don’t be afraid to share it with everyone.

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